Personal Information

Position:    Staff Research Engineer (Computer Vision and Machine Learning)
Past: Principal Scientist (MSR AI and Mixed Reality)
Senior Researcher (SPG, Autonomous Systems)
Apple Inc.
ETH Zurich
Profiles: [YouTube] [Vimeo] [LinkedIn] [GitHub]


Luca is a computer vision/machine learning research scientist in Google AR.
His interests span
     • deep learning
     • 3D reconstruction
     • motion capture
     • localization
     • change detection
     • autonomous driving
     • mixed reality technologies
He is proficient with
     • C++
     • Python, TensorFlow
Prior to Google, Luca worked at Microsoft in the Hololens team, and at Apple in one of its secret SPG projects. Before that, he was senior researcher in ETH Zurich under Prof. Marc Pollefeys, working on 4D spatio-temporal modeling of real events. There, he developed different technologies for Human Motion Capture, Hand Motion Capture, Video-Based Rendering, image-based localization and many more.
He received his Phd in Computer Engineering in 2009 from the University of Padua, working on estimating the shape and the motion of interacting people from videos. In 2005, he got his Master's degree (summa cum laude) in Computer Engineering from the same university.

PhD Thesis [PDF]

3D Model of myself [MAX] [OBJ] [MTL] [TEX] [PLY]


       - Teaching section updated
       - IJCV 2015 accepted
       - Our joint camera and human pose estimation paper got accepted as oral at ACCV2014 link
       - Our "Never Get Lost Again" paper got accepted at ACCV2014 link
       - Wearable Sonar building instructions are now available link